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Obtaining a Rates Clearance Certificate from a local authority

25 Jun 2019
It is the duty of the transferring attorney to apply to the local authority or council for a rates clearance certificate.

International Property Awards | 2018

24 Jan 2019
LRE is proud to announce that we have received our 3rd Consecutive International Property Award.

2018 Annual Awards Ceremony | LRE Group

05 Dec 2018
Find out who's the Leading Realty Expert for 2018

International Property Awards | LRE Group

13 Sep 2017
LRE Group receives 2nd International award

Why we are the Leading Realty Experts

28 Mar 2017
Take a look at what we offer our exclusive Sole mandates and see why we are the leading realty experts.

The non-negotiable list for first time home buyers

12 Sep 2016
Before you start your search for a new home, its important to put together a list of things that you will not compromise on. This will help you home in on the

Why the first offer on a home is often the best

12 Sep 2016
There are exceptions to the rule, but there is a very good reason why estate agents encourage sellers to seriously consider the first offer

International Property Awards | Best Website Category

10 Aug 2016
The LRE Group has made another great achievement in their young existence. Only 16 months into operations they have been highly commended for their website

a 3D virtual tour - now available to YOU!

07 Mar 2016
Sounds too good to be true, right? Not any more! Always at the forefront of embracing new technology, LRE Group is the first estate agency in South Africa to of
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